The Important Stuff :

Terms & Conditions 

Trail ride Bulgaria hereinafter referred to as "TRB" accepts clients for Trail
Riding subject to the following terms and conditions:

1. A deposit of £100 is required to secure
the booking and is non-refundable.

2. The balance of the total cost must be paid before commencement of the tour and you
will be notified when this is due. The balance is due 8 weeks prior to arrival.
If the customer cancels prior to this, the balance is not due. With less than 8
weeks until the tour starts if the client cancels the full balance is due.
Therefore an invoice will be sent to the client if they cancel the trip up to 8
weeks prior to tour.

3.Before starting the tour, the client agrees to pay TRB for all damage and
losses he or she has caused to the bike or equipment. The client is responsible
for the bike and equipment that he or she has signed for on arrival at TRB.
This is called Bend it Mend it.

Bend It Mend It Explained:

Some other companies or activities ask for massive
deposits to carry out there chosen sports to cover the cost of any damage or
loss that may be incurred by the client. Here at TRB we don't we trust
the client in the bent it or mend it system.

If you where to borrow a mates bike and you fall
off and damage or snap the clutch lever you would replace it at cost to
yourself and this keeps your mate happy and he may let you borrow it again.
Well we trust you will follow this code here at TRB if you damage or break the
bike or equipment (not tyres or inner tubes) we will bill you for the part at
cost and replace it free of charge and show you the receipt we couldn't be any
fairer than that.

We do place all we can on the bikes to avoid damage
like sump guards, hand guards but as we all no strange things happen sometimes
when we trash in but advice will be given in danger areas of the trips to avoid
falls. We don't care about scratches but if you snap or put holes in plastics
and i have no spares then you will have to pay its the nature of the beast
unfortunately. We do use ebay for a spares stash and keep all the receipts but
don't worry bad damage and bad falls is a rare action you will be looked after.

This is an awkward subject but we trust you will respect the bikes like your own

and leave the tour with your bike in the same
condition as we borrowed you it but at the same time enjoy the tour. Just
remember to ride within your capabilities and limits enjoy, have fun and it is
unlikely you will break yourself or the bike.

4. The client must hold a full, current motorcycle driving licence for a 250cc
motorbike minimum. And must inform TRB of any endorsements or restrictions
imposed by the licensing authority. Bulgaria is now in the EU and the law is
the same as UK. Licence now not required.

5. The client must produce his / her licence and passport on arrival at TRB.

6. TRB reserves the right to cancel a tour without notice. In the event of such
cancellation, all payments received by TRB from the client will be refunded.

7. The client understands that he / she is responsible for his own personal insurance
with repatriation. He/she acknowledges the inherent risk and dangers for the
tour and will travel entirely at the clients own risk and neither TRB its agents, or any

other assisting them are liable for any personal loss, injury, accident, damage, delay or

inconvenience whether caused by acts of TRB, its agents or events outside TRB
control (e.g strikes, civil war, mechanical breakdown, weather ect.)

8. The client acknowledges that due to the nature of the tour, no responsibility can
be accepted by TRB for any accident, loss or damage to a clients vehicle or
other property, weather owned, loaned or on hire by the client.

9. If the client leaves the tour voluntary before the end of the tour, or he/she is
required to do so by a TRB representative, on the grounds that the clients
presence is considered detrimental to the safety or well-being of the tour,
then any liability TRB may have towards the client will immediately cease. TRB
will have no responsibility for repatriation or any other expense incurred by
the client as a result of such an event. No refund will be given.